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Evandro Agazzi and Hans Lenk Introduction: Proceedings of a Meeting of the International Academy of the Philosophy of Science, Karlsruhe, Germany, May, 1997.
Evandro Agazzi From Technique to Technology: The Role of Modern Science
Theodor Adorno Culture Industry Reconsidered
Adelaida Ambrogi Alvarez Sociological Studies and Philosophical Studies: Twenty Years ofControversy
Agustin A. Araya Experiencing the World through Interactive Learning Environments
John Armitage Resisting the Neoliberal Discourse of Technology: The Politics of Cyberculture in the Age of Virtual Class.
Albert A. Anderson Why Prometheus Suffers: Technology and the Ecological Crisis
Dr. Alan Aycock Virtual Play: Baudrillard Online--- "Technologies of the Self:" Foucault and Internet Discourse.
Davis Baird Encapsulating Knowledge: The Direct Reading Spectrometer
Joanne Baldine Is Human Identity an Artifact? How Some Conceptions of the Asian and Western Self Fare during Technological and Legal Development.
Jean Baudrillard In the Shadow of the Millennium--- Disneyworld Company--- Vivisecting the 90s: An Interview with JeanBaudrillard
Richard Beardsworth From a Geneology of Matter to a Politics of Memory: Stiegler's Thinking of Technics.
Tad Beckman Martin Heidegger and Environmental Ethics
Information Technology in Humanities Scholarship: Achievements, Prospects, Challenges (American Council of Learned Societies )
Walter Benjamin The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Frank Biocca The Cyborg's Dilemma: Progressive Embodiment inVirtual Environments
Sven Birkerts The Electronic Millennium and Is Cyberspace Destroying Society? An Online Conference with Sven Birkerts reply to Stephenson.
David Blacker Philosophy of Technology and Education: An Invitation to Inquiry.
Albert Borgmann Holding On to Reality: The Nature of Information at the Turn of the Millenium--- The Culture of Technology: Consumption, Community, Celebration
Aleksandar Boskovic Virtual Places: Imagined Boundaries and Hyperreality in Southeastern Europe.
Nick Bostrom (et al)  The Transhumanist FAQ
Rosie Braidottie Cyberfeminism with a difference
J. van Brakel Telematic Life Forms
Marcus Breen Information Does not Equal Knowledge: Theorizing the Political Economy of Virtuality.
Philip Brey Philosophy of Technology Meets Social Constructivism and New Media and the Quality of Life
Bertram C. Bruce Writing with Digital Technologies: How New Media Transform Our Literacy Practices--- Educational Reform: How Does Technological Affect Educational Change?--- The Missing Borders: Pedagogical Reflections from Distance Education.
Donald M. Bruce Polly, Dolly, Megan, and Morag: A View from Edinburgh on Cloning and Genetic Engineering
Mario Bunge Ethics and Praxiology as Technologies
Antonio Campillo Filosofía y Ecología
Stanley R. Carpenter When Are Technologies Sustainable? and Sustainability and Common-Pool Resources: Alternatives to Tragedy
Randy Chafy Exploring the Intellectual Foundation of Technology
Daniel Chandler Technological or Media Determinism:
Andrzej Chmielecki What Is Information?
Leigh Clayton Are There Virtual Communities?
Alberto Cordero On the Growing Complementarity of Science and Technology.
Colleen Cordes As Educators Rush to Embrace Technology, a Coterie of Skeptics Seeks to be Heard
James Courtney, David Croasdell, and David Paradice Lockean Inquiring Organizations: Guiding Principles and Design Guidelines for Learning Organizations.
Richard Coyne Designing Information Technology in the Postmodern Age
Richard Coyne The Embodied Architect in the Age of Information
John December Blinded by Science?
Daniel C. Dennett Postmodernism and Truth and  Making Tools for Thinking.
Daniel C. Dennett Artificial Life As Philosophy  The Role of Language in Intelligence.
John Dewey Democracy and Education--The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology--- The Theory of Emotion. (1) Emotional Attitudes and part 2 The Theory of Emotion. (2) The Significance of Emotions.
John Dobson and Mike Martin The Ontology of Enterprises and Information Systems.
Hubert L. Dreyfus Highway Bridges and Feasts: Heidegger and Borgmann on How to Affirm Technology--- Merleau-Ponty's Critique of Mental Representation: The Relevance of Phenomenology to Scientific Explanation. Intelligence without Representation--- Coping with Things in Themselves: Heidegger's Robust Realism.
 Peter Drucker Knowledge Work and Knowledge Society: The Social Transformations of This Century. -Interview in Wired with Peter Schwartz.
Paul T. Durbin Advances in Philosophy of Technology? Comparative Perspectives.
Samuel Ebersole Media Determinism in Cyberspace
Jacques Ellul The Technological Society
Paul Ernest Social Constructivism as a Philosophy of Mathematics: Radical Constructivism Rehabilitated
Paul Feyerabend El realismo y la historicidad del conocimiento
Andrew Feenberg  Summary Remarks on Approach to the Philosophical Study of Technology--- Marcuse or Habermas: Two Critiques of Technology--- From Essentialism to Constructivism: Philosophy of Technology at the Crossroads--- Subversive Rationalization: Technology, Power, and--- Heidegger, Habermas, and the Essence of Technology
Lloyd Fell  A few clues about autopoiesis terminology
Frederick Ferre Philosophy and Technology After Twenty Years--- On Replicating Persons: Ethics and the Technology of Cloning--- Philosophy of Technology
Pete Ferreira Heidegger and Technology Links.
Anne Fitzpatrick Teller's Technical Nemeses: The American Hydrogen Bomb and Its Development within a Technological Infrastructure
Patrick N. Foster Classifying Approaches to and Philosophies of Elementary-School Technology Education.
Luciano Floridi Artificial Intelligence: A Lite Approach.
Jonathen Friday Who's Afraid of an On-line Society?
Denis Gaynor Democracy in the Age of Information: A Reconception of the Public Sphere.
Bernard A. Gendreau The Cautionary Ontological Approach to Technology of Gabriel Marcel.
James M. Giarelli On Reading the New Scholarship on John Dewey
Henry Giroux Doing Culural Studies: Youth and the Challenge of Pedagogy and  Animating Youth: The Disnification of Children's Culture.
Ernst von Glasersfeld Cybernetics and the Art of Living
Paul Gorner Heidegger, Phenomenology, and the Essence of Technology
Vitali Gorokhov A New Interpretation of Technological Progress, and Technological Enlightenment in Russia .
Ruth Guthrie and James Pick Teleworking Ethics.
Patrick Hamlett Science, Technology, and Society Links
Donna Harraway The Ironic Dream of a Common Language for Women in the Integrated Circuit: Science, Technology, and Socialist Feminism in the 1980s or A Socialist Feminist Manifesto for Cyborgs.
Katalin G. Havas Contradictions in the Principles of Ethics and Contemporary Technology.
N. Katherine Hayles The Materiality of Informatics--- Stimulating Narratives: What Virtual Creatures Can Teach Us.
Robert Heilbroner Visions of the Future: The Distant Past, Yesterday Today, and Tomorrow
Michael Heim The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality
Michael Heim Humanistic Discussion and the Online Conference
F. Heylichen, C. Joslyn and V. Turchin What Are Cybernetics and Systems Science?
Larry A. Hickman Techne and Politeia Revisited: Pragmatic Paths to Technological Revolution
Hideyuki Hirakawa Coping with the Uncertainty beyond Epistemic-Moral Inability: Rethinking the Human Self-Understanding with Hannah Arendt's Reflection on Vita Activa.
Imre Hronszky Technological "Paradigms:" Cognitive Traditions and Communities in Technological Change.
Kurt Huebner Philosophy of Modern Art and Philosophy of Technology.
Humanitas' editorial statement: Rethinking It All.
Alois Huning Preferences and Value Assessments in Cases of Decision under Risk
Don Ihde Philosophy of Technology, 1975-1995--- Whole Earth Measurements
Fredric Jameson The Political Unconscious
P.K. Jamison Contradictory Spaces: Pleasure and the Seduction of the Cyborg Discourse.
Janus Head Scientia Media
Scott D. Johnson A Framework for Technology Education Curricula Which Emphasizes Intellectual Processes.
Stephen Johnston, Alison Lee and Helen McGregor Engineering as Captive Discourse.
Quentin Jones Virtual-Communities, Virtual Settlements & Cyber-Archeology: A Theoretical Outline.
Bernulf Kanitscheider Humans and Future Communications Systems.
Nancy Kaplan E-literacies: Politexts, Hypertexts, and Other Cultural Formations in the Late Age of Print.
Murat Karamuftuoglu A Deleuzoguattarian Framework for Understanding Information Systems.
Douglas Kellner Crossing the Postmodern Divide with Borgmann or  Adventures in Cyberspace--- New Technologies, TechnoCities, and the Prospects of Democratization.=== Intellectuals, the New Public Spheres, and Techno-Politics--- Globalization and the Postmodern Turn.
Michelle Kendrick Cyberspace and the Technological Real.
Phillip Kent Computers - Constructionism - Constructivism: A Brieeff Reading Study.
Burt Kimmelman Worldlessness, Virtual Reality, and the Limits of Technology.
Klaus Kornwachs A Formal Theory of Technology?
Julie Thompson Klein Notes toward an Epistemology of Transdiscipinarity.
Peter Kroes Technological Explanations: The Relation between Structure and Function of Technological Objects
Arthur Kroker Digital Humanism: The Processed World of Marshall McLuhan.
Thomas Kuhn: Thomas Kuhn: The Essentials
Kisho Kurokawa Philosophy of Symbiosis.
TyAnna Herrington Lambert Jurgen Habermas: Luddite Dragon or Defender of the Weak? Effects of Intertextuality on Meaning in Jurgen Habermas' Toward a Rational Society
Jean LadriereThe Technical Universe in an Ontological Perspective.
Rita Lauria Virtual Reality: An Empirical-Metaphysical Testbed
Theodor Leiber On the Impact of Deterministic Chaos on Modern Science and Philosophy of Science: Implications for the Philosophy of Technology?
Karl Leidlmair From the Philosophy of Technology to a Theory of Media
Hans Lenk Advances in the Philosophy of Technology: New Structural Characteristics of Technologies=== Technological Responsibility and the Humanities--- Distributability Problems and Challenges to the Future Resolution of Responsibility Conflicts
Nina Lerman, Arwen Mohun, Ruth Oldenziel Versatile Tools: Gender Analysis and the History of Technology.
Ted Lockhart Technological Fixes for Moral Problems.
Matthew Lombard and Theresa Ditton At the Heart of It All: The Concept of Presence
Carmen Luke Technological Literacy.
Earl R. MacCormac Symmetry and Asymmetry in Science and Technology
Klaus Mainzer Computer Technology and Evolution: From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Life
Yogesh Malhotra Knowledge Management in Inquiring Organizations.
Frank Margonis Introduction. Philosophical Pluralism: The Promise of Fragmentation
Humberto Maturana The Nature of Time ( One of the leading representatives of radical constructivism.)
Leo Marx Does Technology Mean Progress?
Alec McHoul Cyberbeing and ~space.
Marshall McLuhan: Web site on McLuhan which includes interviews, excerpts from books, and links
Phillip McReynolds Between Technology and Technique: A Critique of Ihde's Technology and the lifeworld.
Klaus Mainzer Computer Technology and Evolution: From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Life.
Manuel Medina Ciencia-Tecnología-Cultura del Siglo XX al XXI
Carl Mitcham Notes toward a Philosophy of Meta-Technology--- Notes for a Hypertext on the Emergence and Transcendence of Computer Ethics--- Thinking through Engineering--- Review of Frederick Ferre's Philosophy of Technology.
M. Carmen Sanchez Monserrate  Prenatal Genetic Tests: Misconceptions and Their Implications.
Jesus Mosterin Technology-Mediated Observation.
Hans Mohr Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice.
Elizabeth Murphy Constructivism: From Theory to Practice.
Nicholas Negroponte Being Digital
Cesar Cuello Nieto Sustainable Development and Philosophies of Technology.
Todd Oppenheimer The Computer Delusion
OPT Design Philosophy Page--- Philosophy of Technology
Bernard den Ouden Sustainable Development, Human Rights, and Postmodernism
Kent Palmer The Ontological Foundations of Autopoietic Theory
Paul Pangaro Cybernetics: A Definition
Joseph C. Pitt On the Philosophy of Technology, Past and Future.--- Philosophical Methodology, Technologies, and the Transformation of Knowledge--- Explaining Change in Science
Hans Poser On Structural differences between Science and Engineering
Mark Poster Postmodern Virtualities.
Neil Postman Of Luddites, Learning, and Life
William S. Pretzer Technology Education and the Search for Truth, Beauty, and Love.
Henk Procee Technology, Normativity, and the Future: The Aristotelian Turn
Ramon Queralto Technology as a New Condition of the Possibility of Scientific Knowledge.
Miguel Quintanilla Technical Systems and Technical Progress: A Conceptual Framework
Werner Rammert Relations That Constitute Technology and Media That Make a Difference: Toward a Social Pragmatic Theory of Technicization.
Friedrich Rapp Philosophy of Technology After Twenty Years: A German Perspective and The Material and Cultural Aspects of Technology.
Kim Alaine Rathman Sharing the Harvest of the Skies
Howard Rheingold The Virtual Community: Homesteading on the---Electronic Frontier
Lars Risan Artificial Life: A Technoscience Leaving Modernity?
Kevin Robins and Frank Webster Cybernetic Capitalism: Information, Technology, Everyday Life.
Jordi Roca Jusmet La economía, la ecología y la crisis de la economía convencional
Guenter Ropohl Philosophy of Socio-technical Systems.
Joseph Rouse What Are Cultural Studies of Scientific Knowledge?
Mike Sandbothe Media Temporalities in the Internet: Philosophy of Time and Media with Derrida and Rorty.
Beatriz Santana Introducing the Technophobia/Technophilia Debate: Some Comments on the Information Age
Jean-Michel Salanskis Die Wissenschaft denkt nicht
Ana Sanchez A Dialogical Model of Persistent Patriarchalism.
José Saramago La Caverna
Raphael SassowerTechnological Responsibility for an Ecological Agenda.
Herbert L. Schiller Media, Technology, and the Market: The Interacting Dynamic.
Richard E. Sclove Technology, Society, and Democracy: New Problems and Opportunities
Michael Seltzer The Technological Infrastructure of Science: Comments on Baird, Fitzpatrick, Kroes, and Pitt
C. Allen Shaffer Virtual Reality and Husserlian Phenomenology.
Dudley Shapere Building on What We Have Learned: The Relations between Science and Technology.
Serge Sharoff Philosophy and Cognitive Science.
Joachim Schummer Challenging Standard Distinctions between Science and Technology: The Case of Preparative Chemistry
Stanford Electronic Humanities Review's Special Issue Constructions of the Mind: Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities
Steve Stickle An Introduction to J. Habermas.
Egbert Scuurman Philosophical and Ethical Problems
Kenneth Stokes A Metatheoretical Discourse
Sytse Strijbos Ethics and the Systemic Character of Modern Technology
Nick Sushkin Learning Theories
Tsjalling Swierstra From Critique to Responsibility: The Ethical Turn in the Technology Debate
Mark C. Taylor Rhizomic Folds of Interstanding
Mark C. Taylor and Esa Saarinen Imagologies: Media Philosophy
George Teschner The Humanities and Telecommunication.
Tekhnema Editorial: Technics and Finitude.
Pieter Tijmes Euthanasia Considered as Device Paradigm,
Paul Tomassi Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Technology.
Ladislav Tondl Information and Systems Dimensions of Technological Artifacts.
Duane Truex and Richard Baskerville The Debate in Structural Linguistics: how it may impact the information systems field.
V. Turchin and C. Joslyn The Cybernetic Manifesto
Sherry Turkle Seeing through Computers: Education in a Culture of Simulation--- Sherry Turkle: Surface, Surface, Everywhere...--- Transparency--- The Age of Simulation--- What Are We Thinking About When We Are Thinking About Computers?--- Virtual Reality and Its Discontents: Searching for Community in Cyberspace--- Who Am We?--- Constructions and Reconstructions of Self in Virtual Reality: Playing in
the MUDs.
J. van Brakel Telematic Life Forms.
A. C. Van Der Valk Cloning as a Test Case of Autonomous
Paul Virilio Speed and Information: Cyberspace Alarm! ( See also Louise Wilson interview with Paul Virilio for CTHEORY.)
Ron Weber The Link between Data Modeling Approaches and Philosophical Assumptions: A Critique.
Daniel R. White and Gert Hellerick Nietzsche at the Mall: Deconstructing the Consumer
Brent G. Wilson The Postmodern Paradigm
Langdon Winner The Handwriting on the Wall: Resisting Techno-globalism's Assault on Education--- Cyberlibertarian Myths and the Prospects for Community--- Who will we be in cyberspace?--- Silicon Valley Mystery House.
Janine Wongand Peter Storkerson Hypertext and the Art of Memory.
Mark Wrathall and Sean Kelly Existential Phenomenology and Cognitive Science.
Dvora Yanov Ecologies of Technological Metaphors and the Theme of Control.
Edward N. Zalta The Theory of Abstract Objects--- Tutorial.
Lindsay Samuels Library Science Degree

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