Combustion in the RainForest: Ecology, Energy and Economy for a Sustainable Environment

L. Klemas, Chemical Engineering Consultant

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"Each solution generates new problems ... and ... mother Nature knows best, or is a Bitch ?"
(Murphy's laws)

"There are no problems ... only solutions"  (John Lennon)

"En algún anaquel de algún hexágono (razonaron los hombres) debe existir un libro que sea la cifra y el compendio perfecto de todos los demás: algún bibliotecario lo ha recorrido y es análogo a un dios."
"La Biblioteca de Babel" (Jorge Luis Borges)

"Information is information,  not matter or energy"   (Norbert Wiener)

"Whatever you may say something is, it is not ! ... the map is not the territory ... the word is not the thing"   (Alfred Korzybski)

"The unit of information is difference ... the unit of survival is organism plus environment ... the unit of evolutionary survival turns out to be identical with the unit of mind (Gregory Bateson)

"To believe that exponential growth may last eternally in a limited world, you must be a crazy,  or,  an economist"   (Kenneth Boulding)

"Sometimes I suspect that we are already on this 'other side of the looking glass,'  where the images are inverted and the faster we run the 'behinder' we get" (Herman Daly)

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts"
(Ludwig von Bertalanffy: General System Theory)

"Even the most courageous among us only rarely has the courage for what he really knows"  (Friedrich Nietzsche)

"After all, the planet and its resources are not the private property of any country and less of any corporation: they are the common habitat legacy for all living species, human population included !!"

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