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Conceptual Synthesis for a Sustainable Humanity

All human society is confronted today to a great and unprecedent crisis, that requires a colossal conceptual synthesis, capable to unite our heliocentric view: --no sun, no life--, to our geocentric view: --no biosphere, no life--, to our anthropocentric view: --no equitable use and sharing of resources and knowledge, no possible sustainable cultural and social life--, to egocentric view: --no cultural social life, no meaningful personal life--.

This kind of generalized consciousness is the real challenge for all of us today and for the next generation to follow. Of course, this necessary change is subversive to the interest and practice of the political and economic ideologies in power.

The choice is ours:  --to be, or, to have? --sharing, or, stocking? --solidarity , or, competition? --concern for the common good, or dedication for the benefit of the few? --honesty, or corruption? --empire of justice and truth, or, tirany of economic and military power? .... in synthesis,  ... --the life, or, the money? -- intelligence, or, stupidity?  


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