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Combusem is an integrated software performing complete combustion calculations for a wide variety of fuels and burning systems such as: industrial boilers, furnaces, turbines, motor vehicles, etc. to asses the environmental contaminant emissions impact of CO, SO2, NOx, CO2 and particles and their effect in surrounding air quality.

Combusem calculates the absolute emissions of contaminants in rate units such as lb/h or kg/h and the effluent gas concentrations in units of ppm, lb/MMbtu, kg/Gcal, g/sm3, lb/Kscf. The effluent gas concentrations are expressed as % of the allowable emission standards comparing the emissions to the limits established by the regulations.

Particulate emission is calculated considering the carryover of the combustion unit type and the specified efficiency of the particle collector, if present. This allows the designer to specify the collector required to comply to a set of defined regulation limits.

Combusem calculates the atmospheric dispersion of the pollutant emissions according to specified parameters of: wind velocity, stack discharge velocity, stack height and atmospheric conditions. The program calculates the downwind concentration profile for each contaminant and the distance at which occurs the maximum contaminant concentration. All results are illustrated in graphic curves. The maximum ground concentration values are expressed as % value of the severe exposure concentration levels to qualify the results. The designer may change the stack height to achieve a specified design criteria of surrounding air quality.

Fuel Analysis required to obtain the ultimate elemental composition of coals and gases is performed by Combusem. Several typical Fuel ultimate analysis are available from menu for typical combustible gases, liquid fuels and coals; For special fuels, the data is input as "user defined composition".

Types of Combustion Units are selected from a menu of common types such as Fire-tube Boiler, Compact Water-tube Boiler, Industrial Boiler, Pulverized Coal Fired Boiler, Stoker Fired Boiler, etc.. Each type of unit is characterized by the following combustion parameters: Ash particles Carryover, Unburned Carbon, Excess Air, and CO/CO2 ratio. Typical units are menu tabulated with corresponding combustion parameters; the user may define parameters to simulate any combustion unit.

Combusem is a very integrated and user friendly software that runs in standard PC computers under DOS or Windows. The program is spreadsheet like, fast performing, easy to learn and use, complete with graphic representation and printing capabilities to backup reports.

This program is the result of several decades of experience in engineering design of combustion equipment systems and air pollution control devices. Combusem may be of great assistance for any person or organization with interest in any of the following fields:

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