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BDSIM Binary Distillation Simulator
Binary distillation software generates graphic McCabe -Thiele diagrams, composition profiles, Xlk/Xhk ratio profiles and Lambda function profiles. Performs NTS, Column diameter and HETP calculations for any set of feed and product compositions, R/Rmin and relative volatily of components to be separated. Free demo version is available for download upon password request.

ChemicaLogic SteamTab Duo
Steam table with a choice of property formulation for all popular spreadsheet applications. Fully functional demo available.

Chemical Reaction Network Toolbox
Download a DOS program (390 kB) from Marty Feinberg to analyze the kinetics of chemical reaction networks. After downloading execute the archive "crntpack.exe" to extract the program files and read "crntpack.txt". Runs also under Windows 3.11 and Windows 95.

Combustion Emission Simulation and Gas Dispersion Analysis for Boilers, Power Plants, Heaters, etc. Combusem calculates CO, SO2, NOx, CO2, and particle emissions, comparing to the allowable emmision levels and severe exposure concentration levels. The program is useful for emission design and environmental impact analysis. PC compatible, DOS or Windows. Free demo availble.

Engineering Software Database: Thermodynamics, Combustion, and Chemical Balance Analysis
ASME collection of software from thermodynamics and related fields. Includes both shareware/freeware and commercial applications. Descriptions of the programs and links for downloads (if shareware) from ASME FTP site are given.

Free Lite version of a program that solves equilibrium problems from a wide range of fields using the unified theoretical approach and algorithms of Smith and Missen. For Windows 3.1/95/NT. For more information see Mathtrek Systems WWW Site.

A reaction kinetics problem solver. Available for Windows 95 and various workstations (SGI, IBM, Sun). Shareware.

Linux Software for Chemistry   Virtual Library Linux4Chemistry:

MINEQL+, A Chemical Equilibrium Modeling System
Free software to calculate chemical equilibria. Program includes graphical display of output, calculation of acid/base, redox and precipitation reactions, surface adsorption calculations, synthetic titrations, management of multiple calculations, and automatic processing of field data.

Molecular Weight Calculator v1.1
A molecular weight calculator for download. MS Windows application. Freeware.

OMDI Pure Component Tools
Excel add-in (XLL) providing pure component property data for over 600 compunds. Requires Microsoft Excel v5.0 for Power Macintosh or Windows NT, or v7.0 for Windows 95. Fully functional demo available.

SOPE - Simulation Of Phase Equilibria
Program provided by Shell Research and Technology Centre for doing phase equilibrium simulations. Runs on IBM or IBM compatible XT or AT personal computers with a standard graphics card.

Steam Properties
MS Windows application that calculates properties of steam/water within a wide range of pressure and temperature. Shareware.

UNIFAC Activity Coefficient Calculator
A free Win 95/NT program for the calculation of liquid activity coefficients. There is also a concise description of the UNIFAC method on this site.

Equipment, Flow, Machinery

Flow Pro 2.0
Low-cost Windows 95/NT hydraulic design software for open channels, orifices, weirs, and sluicegates. Shareware.

HTFS Software Products
Overview on PC and mainframe software from HTFS for modelling industrial heat exchangers: shell & tube, air cooled, compact heat exchangers, fired heaters, pipelines, heat exchanger selections. No demos available.

Intergraph Imagineer Technical
A 32-bit 2D precision design tool for Windows 95 and NT 3.51 or later. Movies and multimedia overview presentations of the program features available for download.

NPS-Nominal Pipe Size
Database of dimensional, weight, and flow information for more than 2500 sizes of standard and specialty pipes and tubes in different materials. Includes a piping calculator to show weight and dimensional data for lengths of pipe in various units. DOS and Windows version. Shareware.

Packed Column Calculator
Hydraulic calculations for the design of new columns or the rating of existing columns with random packings. Includes database of packings. Produces operating diagrams. Shareware for Windows 3.x/9.x/NT from Katmar Software.

Is an Excel 97 spreadsheet template. It computes pipe sizes for gases and liquids, estimates heat losses through bare and insulated pipe, and includes database with pipe material dimensions, suggested velocities and insulation conductivities.

Leading the way in fluid flow analysis with transient or steady state, schematic drawing capability, fire protection systems (NFPA), pipe sizing, surge analysis and prevention, hydraulic force calculations

PumpBase - Advanced Pump Selection
Windows 3.1 and '95 software for pump selection. Demo can be downloaded.

Windows program for drawing flowcharts, technical drawings, business presentations... Shareware.

A program for calculating hydraulic pressures, temperatures, flow patterns, and liquid holdups in steady multiphase flow in a single pipe. There are two versions: a free basic version for personal, not-for-profit use and a professional version. The name says it: for MS Windows platforms.

Mathematical Tools and Programming

Conversion Buddy
Excellent unit conversion program. And it's free. There are versions for Win 95/NT and Win 3.x. The Win 95/NT version includes Expression Buddy, a custom expression evaluator which calculates standard uncertainty.

DIGITAL Visual Fortran
If you are an old-fashioned engineer who is still programming in Fortran and if you use MS Fortran Powerstation, this site might be of interest to you.

An excellent equation plotter. There are versions for MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95/NT. Shareware.

NEOS Server
Solve optimization problems over the Internet with state-of-the-art optimization software without downloading and linking code. You can submit problems via email, a Web browser, or a submission tool. You should also consult the NEOS Guide.

NLREG -- Nonlinear Regression Analysis Program
A statistical analysis program for Windows 95 and NT that performs linear and nonlinear regression analysis and curve fitting. Shareware demonstration version available.

OMDI Unit Calculator
Unit conversion program for the Power Mac which supports drag and drop. Though not free there is a fully functional, time limited demo available.

Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) 'Calculator'
Solves ODEs as a boundary or initial value problem. ODE may be up to 9th order and non-linear and/or implicit. Runs on DOS (16 bit). Shareware.

SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux
I know that my site is somewhat Microsoft centered concerning software. Therefore something completely different: a huge collection of scientific programs for Linux.

A multipurpose calculator for Windows. Includes scientific expression evaluator, unit converter, equation solver and graphing,... Fully functional evaluation copy available.

Uniform 1.4e Unit Converter
An auxiliary program for Windows 3.1 and above which facilitates the conversion of units. It's fairly simple but free and no disk hog (100 kB download, 300 kB disk space after installation).

Process Modelling and Simulation

AEA Technology
Integrated process and plant simulation software and specicialized process software

Aspen Plus
Standard software for process simulation.

BDSIM Binary Distillation Simulator
Binary distillation software generates graphic McCabe -Thiele diagrams, composition profiles, Xlk/Xhk ratio profiles and Lambda function profiles. Performs NTS, Column diameter and HETP calculations for any set of feed and product compositions, R/Rmin and relative volatily of components to be separated. Free demo version is available for download upon password request.

Bryan Research & Engineering Prosim
General process simulator for design and optimization of plants in the oil, gas, chemical, and refining industries. Restricted demos available.

Chemical Engineering MathCAD Users' Group
Web site for MathCAD users to share worksheets that perform calculations useful in Chemical Engineering design and analysis. The programs contributed to this site are freely accessible to the public for personal use.

Chemical Process Modeling PC Software
Excel add-ins, Mathcad and Maple files for chemical plant modeling, distillation design calculations, pinch analysis... The software is copyrighted but free for personal or educational use.

DESIGN II for Windows
A process simulator developed specifically for MS Windows (either Win 95/NT or Win 3.1/3.11 with Win32s). The full package of version 3.2 (no demo) is available free for download but you must register to get a 2 week password.

Hyprotech HYSIM Process Simulator
Steady state process simulator for the PC. Incorporates a wide range of unit operations, heat exchanger design, compressors, valves, and extensive thermophysical property data.

Hyprotech HYSYS Dynamic Process Modeling
Flowsheet based dynamic process modeling for MS Windows 32 bit platforms. Steady state modeling is integrated.

Membrane Process Modelling Software
Several programs for membrane modelling and related fields. Software is distributed free of charge but may not be used for commercial purposes. This site is in South Africa which explains the sometimes low transfer rates.

Process Tools
A huge collection of online process engineering tools provided by Process Associates of America.

Prode Calculator
Tool for solving problems in chemical engineering on the PC. Free preview version can be downloaded.

Software Tools for Process Integration
An independent list of process simulation tools from Aspen Plus to Supertarget. For each program there are a short description, product specification, and user experience evaluations.

SuperPro Designer Demo
Process simulation program for Win 3.11/95/(NT). Includes equipment sizing and costing. Demo (total 8 MB) is fully functional except for the ability to save the designs. Demo user registration is optional.

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