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Learnability and Cognition: The Acquisition of Argument Structure (Learning, Development, and Conceptual Change) by Steven Pinker (Paperback - Aug 28, 1991)

Connections and Symbols (Cognition Special Issue) by Steven Pinker and Jacques Mehler (Paperback - Jun 20, 1988)

The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2004 (The Best American Series (TM)) by Steven Pinker and Tim Folger (Paperback - Oct 14, 2004)

Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language by Steven Pinker (Paperback - Jan 15, 2000)

How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker (Paperback - Jan 1, 1999)

The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature by Steven Pinker (Paperback - Aug 26, 2003)

The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language (Perennial Classics) by Steven Pinker (Paperback - Nov 1, 2000)

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