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General System Theory

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Chaos in Dynamical Systems
Edward Ott / Paperback / Published 1993
General System Theory; Foundations, Development, Applications.
Ludwig Von, Bertalanffy, Ludwig Von Bartalanffy / Paperback / Published 1976
Linear Systems Theory
Ferenc Szidarovszky, et al / Hardcover / Published 1997
Mutual Causality in Buddhism and General Systems Theory : The Dharma of Natural System (Buddhist Studies Series)
Joanna R. MacY / Paperback / Published 1991
Operations Research : An Introduction
Hamdy A. Taha / Hardcover / Published 1996
Simulation Validation : A Confidence Assessment Methodology (IEEE Computer Society Press Monograph)
Peter L. Knepell, Deborah C. Arangno / Hardcover / Published 1996
Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Nonequilibrium Complex Systems : NATO Advanced Research Workshop (Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexit)
Patricia E. Cladis, Peter Palffy-Muhoray / Paperback / Published 1994
The System of Objects
Jean Baudrillard, James Benedict (Translator) / Hardcover / Published 1996
The System of Objects (Latin American and Iberian Studies Series)
Jean Baudrillard, James Benedict (Translator) / Paperback / Published 1996
Analysis of Dynamic Psychological Systems : Basic Approaches to General Systems, Dynamic Systems, and Cybernetics Vol 1
Ralph L. Levine, Hiram E. Fitzgerald (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1992
Applied General Systems Research : Recent Developments and Trends : [Proceedings of the NATO International Conference Held in Binghamton, New York, au Vol 5
George J. Klir / Hardcover / Published 1978
Evolutionary Systems and Society : A General Theory of Life, Mind, and Culture
Vilmos Csanyi / Hardcover / Published 1989
General Systems : Yearbook of the International Society for General Systems Research, 1987 Vol 30
John A., Jr. Dillon (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1987
General Systems : Yearbook of the International Society for the Systems Sciences 1988 Vol 31
William J. Reckmeyer, Elizabeth A. Dykstra / Paperback / Published 1990
General Systems : Yearbook of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, 1989 Vol 32
Paperback / Published 1995
General Systems : Yearbook of the Society for General Systems Research, 1983-84 Vol 28
Rammohan K. Ragade (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1985
General Systems Theory Beginning With Wholes : An Introduction to General Systems Theory
Barbara Gail Hanson / Hardcover / Published 1995
General Systems Theory Beginning With Wholes : An Introduction to General Systems Theory
Barbara Gail Hanson / Paperback / Published 1995
General Systems, 1982 : Yearbook of the Society for General Systems Research Vol 27
Rammohan K. Ragade (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1983
An Introduction to General Systems Thinking
Gerald M. Weinberg / Paperback / Published 1975
Mathematical Methods for System Theory
Federico Gentili (Editor), et al / Hardcover / Published 1998
Perspectives on General System Theory
Von Bertalanffy L / Paperback / Published 1976
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Perspectives on General System Theory : Scientific-Philosophical Studies
Ludwig Von Bertalanffy / Hardcover / Published 1976
Applied general systems theory
John P. Van Gigch

Applied General Systems Theory
John P. Van Gigch / Published 1978

Basic and Applied General Systems Research : A Bibliography, 1977-1984
Robert Trappl (Editor) / Published 1985

Chaos in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Jagdish Chandra (Editor) / Published 1984

Coping with increasing complexity : implications of general semantics and general systems theory
Foundations of General Systems Theory
John A. Dillon / Published 1982

Fundamentals of Measurement and Representation of Natural Systems (General Systems Research Series, Vol 1)
Robert Rosen / Published 1978

The Fuzzy Systems Handbook : A Practitioner's Guide to Building, Using, and Maintaining Fuzzy Systems/Book and Disk
Earl Cox / Published 1994
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General Systems Theory : Essential Concepts and Applications (Cybernetics and Systems Series, Vol 10)
A. Rapoport / Published 1986

General Systems Theory and Human Communication
Inc. Boynton-Cook Publishers / Published 1975

General systems theory and psychiatry
General Systems Theory: Mathematical Foundations
Mihajlo D. MesaroviC / Published 1975

General Systems Thinking : Its Scope and Applicability
T. Downing Bowler / Published 1981

Living Groups : Group Psychotherapy and General System Theory
James E. Durkin (Editor) / Published 1981

On the conceptual and logical foundations of the general theory of human organizations : a cybernetic approach
Sakari Korolainen

The Relevance of general systems theory; papers presented to Ludwig von Bertalanffy on his seventieth birthday
Trends in General Systems Theory
George J. Klir / Published 1972

Uncommon Sense : The Life and Thought of Ludwig Von Bertalanffy (1901-1972, Father of General Systems Theory)
Mark Davidson / Published 1983

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