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Autopoiesis and Cognition
Humberto R. Maturana, Francisco J. Varela / Paperback / Published 1980
Autopoiesis and Cognition : The Realization of the Living
Humberto R. Maturana / Hardcover / Published 1980
Autopoiesis and Configuration Theory : New Approaches to Societal Steering
Roeland J. In 't Veld, et al / Hardcover / Published 1992
Autopoietic Law
Hardcover / Published 1988
Autopoietic Law : A New Approach to Law and Society (European University Institute, Series A)
Gunther Teubner (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1988
A Better World for Children? : Explorations in Morality and Authority
Michael King / Paperback / Published 1997
Controversies About Law's Ontology (Edinburgh Law and Society Series)
Paul Amselek, Neil MacCormick (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1991
Law As an Autopoietic System (The European University Institute Press Series)
Gunther Teubner, et al / Hardcover / Published 1993
Self-Producing Systems : Implications and Applications of Autopoiesis (Contemporary Systems Thinking)
John Mingers / Hardcover / Published 1995
Autopoiesis, a Theory of Living Organizations Vol 3
Milan Zeleny / Published 1980

Autopoiesis, communication, and society : the theory of autopoietic systems in the social sciences
Autopoiesis, Dissipative Structures, and Spontaneous Social Orders
Zeleny / Published 1980

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