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Natural Gas Engineering

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Handbook of Petroleum Refining Processes
by Robert A. Meyers(Editor)
McGraw Hill Text
Hardcover 2nd edition (October 1996)

The Color of Oil: The History, the Money and the Politics of the World's Biggest Business
by Michael Economides, et al
Round Oak Publishing Company
Hardcover - 220 pages

Genie Out of the Bottle: World Oil since 1970
by M. A. Adelman
MIT Press
Hardcover - 352 pages

Natural Gas in Nontechnical Language
by Rebecca L. Busby(Editor), Institute of Gas Technology
Pennwell Pub Hardcover

Spindletop : The True Story of the Oil Discovery That Changed the World
by James Anthony Clark, Michel Thomas Halbouty
Gulf Pub Co Hardcover - 322 pages

Design of Oil-Handling Systems and Facilities
by Ken Arnold, Maurice Stewart
Gulf Publishing Company
2 edition (March 1998)

Gas Engineers Handbook
by American Gas Association, C. George Segeler
Industrial Pr
Hardcover - 1550 pages

Elements of Petroleum Geology
by Richard C. Selley, Richard C. Selly
Academic Pr
Hardcover - 480 pages 2nd edition (October 1997)

Aboveground Storage Tanks : Chevron Research and Technology
by Philip E. Myers
McGraw Hill Text
Hardcover - 650 pages

Mobil Collector's & Price Guide
by Wayne Henderson, Scott Benjamin
Motorbooks International
Paperback - 128 pages

Natural Gas & Electric Power in Nontechnical Language
by Ann Chambers
Pennwell Pub Hardcover (March 1999)

Glossary of the Petroleum Industry : English-Spanish & Spanish-English
Pennwell Pub
Paperback 3rd edition (June 1996)

Petroleum Production Systems (Prentice Hall Petroleum Engineering Series)
by Michael J. Economides, et al
Pennwell Pub
Hardcover - 611 pages (January 1994)

Surface Production Operations
by Ken Arnold, Maurice Stewart
Gulf Publishing Company
Hardcover - 550 pages 2 edition (April 1999)

Pocket Guide to Flanges, Fittings, & Piping Data
by R. R. Lee
Gulf Pub Co
Paperback 3rd edition (November 1999)

Fuel Oil Manual
by Paul F. Schmidt
Industrial Pr
Hardcover - 240 pages 4th edition (April 1986)

Crude Oil Waxes, Emulsions, and Asphaltenes
by J. R. Becker
Pennwell Pub
Hardcover (November 1997)

Oil and Politics in the Gulf : Rulers Merchants in Kuwait and Qatar (Cambridge Middle East Library, No 24)
by Jill Crystal
Cambridge Univ Pr (Pap Txt)
Paperback - 242 pages Updated edition (March 1995)

Fuel Field Manual : Sources and Solutions to Performance Problems
by Kim B. Peyton
McGraw Hill Text
Hardcover - 322 pages (May 1997)

Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
by Ernest E. Ludwig
Gulf Pub Co
Hardcover Vol 3 2nd edition

Offshore Pioneers : Brown & Root and the History of Offshore Oil and Gas
by Joseph A. Pratt, et al
Gulf Pub Co
Hardcover - 302 pages (December 1997)

Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation
by John R. Fanchi
Gulf Pub Co
Hardcover Bk&Disk edition (October 1997)

Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
by Ernest E. Ludwig
Gulf Pub Co
Hardcover Vol 1 3rd edition (February 1995)

The Geology of Fluvial Deposits : Sedimentary Facies, Basin Analysis, and Petroleum Geology
by Andrew D. Miall
Springer Verlag
Hardcover - 582 pages (May 1996)

Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants (3rd Ed. Vol 2) (2nd of A 3 Vol Set)
by Ernest E. Ludwig
Gulf Pub Co
Hardcover Vol 2 3rd edition (October 1997)

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook : Design, Operation &Troubleshooting by Reza Sadeghbeigi (Hardcover - September 2000)
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook
by Reza Sadeghbeigi. Hardcover (October 1995)

Refinery Process Modeling: A Practical Guide
by Gerald L. Kaes (April, 2000) email order

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Technology and Operations
by Joseph W. Wilson. Hardcover (May 1997)

Fluid Catalytic Cracking with Zeolite Catalysts
by Venuto. Paperback

Petroleum Catalysis in Nontechnical Language (Pennwell Nontechnical Series)
by J. S. Magee, Geoffrey E. Dolbear. Hardcover (March 1998)

Advanced Fluid Catalytic Cracking Technology (Aiche Symposium Series, No. 291, V. 88, 1992)
by George W. Young, et al. Hardcover (November 1992)

Catalytic Cracking
by Bohdan W. Wojciechowski, Avelino Corma. Hardcover

Catalytic Hydroprocessing of Petroleum and Distillates
by National Meeting of Aiche, Stuart S. Shih (Editor). Hardcover

Fluid Catalytic Cracking : Role in Modern Refining (Acs Symposium Series, 375)
by Mario L. Occelli(Editor). Hardcover (August 1988)

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook : Design, Operation & Troubleshooting
by Reza Sadeghbeigi. Hardcover (September 2000)

Fluid Catalytic Cracking II : Concepts in Catalyst Design (Acs Symposium Series, 452)
by Mario L. Occelli(Editor). Hardcover (January 1991)

Fluid Catalytic Cracking III : Materials and Processes (Acs Symposium Series, No 571)
by Mario L. Occelli, Paul O'Connor (Editor). Hardcover (November 1994)

Fluid Catalytic Cracking: Science and Technology
by J. S. Magee(Editor), Maurice M., Jr. Mitchell (Editor). Hardcover (July 1, 1993)

Fluid Cracking Catalysts
by Mario L. Occelli(Editor), Paul O'Connor (Editor). Hardcover

Hydrotreatment and Hydrocracking of Oil Fractions
by Bernard Delmon(Editor), et al. Hardcover (October 1999)

Hydrotreatment and Hydrocracking of Oil Fractions
by G. F. Froment(Editor), et al. Hardcover (January 1, 1997)

Octane-enhancing Zeolitic Fcc Catalysts
by Julius Scherzer. Hardcover Tar Sand and Oil Upgrading Technology (Aiche Symposium Series, No 282, Vol 87)
by Stuart S. Shih, Michael C. Oballa (Editor). Paperback (June 1991)

Technical Progress and Profits : Process Improvements in Petroleum Refining
by John L. Enos. Hardcover (August 2000)

Catalytic Cracking of Heavy Petroleum Fractions
by Daniel Decroocq.

Catalytic cracking of heavy petroleum fractions
by Daniel Decroocq.

Catalytic Processing in Petroleum Refining
by Esber I. Shaheen.

Le Craquage catalytique des coupes lourdes

Petróleo y Medio Ambiente: Refinación para Novatos
Principios Extensivos a las Industrias Química y Petroquímica

Ciro Serrano Camacho