Combustion in the RainForest: Ecology, Energy and Economy for a Sustainable Environment

A global holistic perspective to the world environmental predicament

L. Klemas, Chemical Engineering Consultant

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"Each solution generates new problems ... and ... mother Nature knows best, or is a Bitch ?"
(Murphy's laws)

"There are no problems ... only solutions"  (John Lennon)

"En algún anaquel de algún hexágono (razonaron los hombres) debe existir un libro que sea la cifra y el compendio perfecto de todos los demás: algún bibliotecario lo ha recorrido y es análogo a un dios."
"La Biblioteca de Babel" (Jorge Luis Borges)

"Information is information,  not matter or energy"   (Norbert Wiener)

"Whatever you may say something is, it is not ! ... the map is not the territory ... the word is not the thing"   (Alfred Korzybski)

"The unit of information is difference ... the unit of survival is organism plus environment ... the unit of evolutionary survival turns out to be identical with the unit of mind (Gregory Bateson)

"To believe that exponential growth may last eternally in a limited world, you must be a crazy,  or,  an economist"   (Kenneth Boulding)

"Sometimes I suspect that we are already on this 'other side of the looking glass,'  where the images are inverted and the faster we run the 'behinder' we get" (Herman Daly)

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts"
(Ludwig von Bertalanffy: General System Theory)

"Even the most courageous among us only rarely has the courage for what he really knows" ..."But tell me, my brothers, if humanity still lacks a goal---is humanity itself not still lacking too?  Thus spoke Zarathustra"  (Friedrich Nietzsche)

"Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? ... Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?" (T.S. Eliot)

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." (A. Einstein)

"It took Britain half the resources of the planet to achieve its prosperity; how many planets will a country like India require …?" (Mahatma Gandhi)

"After all, the planet and its resources are not a private property of any country and less of any corporation: it is the common habitat legacy for all the living species, human population included !!"

The powerful are generous when it comes to spend in bombing, but ask for others to pay for reconstruction help or aid for the 'collateral damages' of their actions. The hegemonic power has corrupted any residual decency, any moral and ethical responsibility, replacing those values by share greed seeking its maximum efficiency and profit. All the economic power and high technology are worthless if not focused primarily for the achievement of most basic human and ecological needs.

Take some minutes to meditate, to feel yourself in your relative position in this image, feel your respiration and your life process, tune your mind, your imagination and your heart. This simple exercise will provide you the required knowledge and wisdom to understand such things as ecology, energy, and economy, and much more ... just imagine. Are you ready? click here now ! see also The Born of Geopoliticus ... and ... Urbis et Orbis




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Welcome to 2000 and beyond !

Act NOW ! tomorrow may be worse and too late

Fortunately for all of us, the native RainForest is practically incombustible by cause of the almost permanent rain. However, world RainForest areas are shrinking by the combined pressure of the economic power of rich societies and the population needs of underdeveloped societies. See Amazon Deforetation

The RainForest eliminates by the mechanism of photosynthesis, most of the gases emitted by combustion, daily produced at huge amounts in the industrial regions of the planet and the automobiles that crowd the cities. The RainForest regions are the ultimate and only protection available on Earth, able to dissipate the combustion emission excess of the motor driven industrial societies, so energy addicted. The RainForests are complex ecosystems that contain and host an invaluable resource: biodiversity, a key factor in earth biosphere, and ultimately in the sustainability of organized life in our planet.

May it be that the uprising information revolution now made possible via Internet ---allowing people to replace the travel supported on motor vehicles by a multi-destination virtual travel, and to change the use of huge amounts of paper by recycling electrons---,  will change some of our obsolete habits just on time before the extinction of the RainForests. But to have available the technology is not enough: the information must be digested into useful knowledge, and then, the available knowledge must be distilled to extract some wisdom. Information without knowledge is noise, knowledge without wisdom is dangerous stupidity.

It is essential to impregnate ourselves in the notion that life is the consequence of an energy strange to our planet, that is solar energy. All forms of energy known to us, both the renewable (wind, hydro, etc) as well as the non renewable (coal, oil, gas), are or have been the result of our Sun shining over our planet. With this energy available, life on earth evolved from "simple" to "complex systems," steadily creating a life web: the biosphere. Human species is a newcomer to this long process: it required the pre-existence of this biosphere which contained all living species that preceded human. In this sense, the Gaia Hypothesis Science,and Gaia Hypothesis Philosophy, which considers our planet as a whole living system, may constitute a link for a common fundamental understanding of our place in Nature. From this perspective, the loss of RainForest ecosystems is to the biosphere, as the loss of the lungs, the liver and the kidneys to a mammal as ourselves. There is no price, no possible economic justification for such a stupid trade. The assault of human societies compulsive material consumerism is producing massive deforestation and global warming (see below at page bottom),  global air and water contamination, exacerbating in large scale the delicate ecological cycles at planetary level. The so called 'technologically advanced' and overdeveloped societies are acting as ignoring such issues and their consequences, promising that some yet unknown new technologies (?) will correct everything when becomes necessary. But if human societies and their leaders continue to procrastinate on these issues, it will be the nature itself that will inflict the necessary corrections. Humans depend and need Nature ... Nature does not need humans nor human technology! Read the latest World Watch Report summarizing the natural disasters occurred in 1998.   The effect of each tree deforestation is as harmful to the biodiversity, as the effect of destructing a building in a city is to human economy :- loss of life, and further loss of life supporting capacity. The global warming induced by combustion CO2 emmisions is not a distant theoretical threat: it is a precise measurable and predictable phenomena which you may understand in full detail consulting our page on Energy , on CO2 emmisions, and the collected data on CO2 concentration history.

"All modern economies are dependent on fixed stocks of non-renewable material and energy resources. The Second Law of Thermodynamics makes clear that they necessarily consume and degrade the very resource base which sustains them. Our material economies treat other components of the biosphere as resources, and all the products of economic activity (that is the by-products of manufacturing and the final consumer goods) are eventually returned to the biosphere as waste. Thus, while we like to think of our economics as dynamic, productive systems, the Second Law states that in thermodynamic terms, all material economic 'production' is in fact 'consumption'. Any form of economic activity dependent on material resources therefore contributes to a constant increase in global net entropy (disorder), through the continuous dissipation of available energy and matter. It follows that contrary to the assumptions of neo-classical economic theory:

- There is no equilibrium in the energy and material relationships between industrial economics and the biosphere;

- Sustainable development based on prevailing patterns of resource use is not even theoretically conceivable.

The thermodynamic interpretation of the economic process therefore suggests a new definition of sustainable development which contrasts radically with present practice: sustainable development is development that minimizes resource use and the increase of global entropy. Carrying capacity can be defined as the maximum rate of resource consumption and waste discharge that can be sustained indefinitely without progressively impairing ecological productivity and integrity. Actually nearly 40% of terrestrial net primary productivity (photosynthesis) is already used or co-opted by human society, one species among millions, and the fraction is steadily increasing. Hence we are within one population doubling of the 'sunshine limit' to growth and at present rates will reach that limit in 35 years.

Clearly, any human activity dependent on the compsumptive use of ecological resources (forestry, fisheries, agriculture, waste disposal, urban sprawl onto agricultural land) cannot be sustained indefinitely if it uses not only the annual production of the biosphere (the 'interest') but also cuts into the standing stock (the 'capital'). Herein lies the essence of our environmental crisis." (William Rees)

The real challenge for humanity at this millennium transition is to imagine new ways of social life, taking advantage of existing technology and knowledge to optimize the quality of living instead of maximizing the quantity of material consumption. Human species is acting as a destructive parasite on the earth, literally sacking and cannibalising the limited earth biosphere's resources, driven to follow erroneous behaviours of economic and materialistic addiction that do not contribute anymore to the real welfare of the individuals, even less to the human society, not to mention our common life habitat: the biosphere. It becomes urgent to reimagine our knowledge and living practices as to link ourselves, in a coherent and solidarious way --to our job --to our family --to our nation --to our species --to our planet, in circular, holistic, caring, peaceful, and creative enriching evolution. It is really very simple: treat everything with love and wisdom, ... including yourself !!!

Not so simple, helas, is to achieve that a majority of humans have the chance and required freedom to think about these issues, reach consensus, and act united accordingly. There is too much stupidity accumulated and circulating in the television, in many newspapers, in most governmental organizations and in the headquarters of multinational corporations, that tend to reduce citizens to a role of simple consumers, maintain a status quo of the rules of the game "business as usual" and preserve the myth that GNP increase is sinonimous of progress and a sine qua non requirement to keep the economy healthy. But whose economy?

Growth has become addictive. Like heroin addiction, the habit distorts basic value judgments. Addicts of any kind are willing to pay increasing amounts for declining satisfactions. They are blind to deeper frustrations because they are absorbed in playing for always mounting stakes. Products that are new and improved promise the concept of being 'better', but leave the concept of 'whether or not good' for the individual or society completely unaddressed. Often new and better products create more wants, dependency, and dissatisfaction for most, and constantly renovate poverty for the poor. (Ivan Illich)

Just think about the persistence to conserve an inefficient transport system based on the individual car, which consumes and pollutes 15 or 20 times more than train transport; the design of "modern" automobiles that emit 5 times more NOx than 1950 models; the persistence to produce and sell disposable heavy cars of more than 1.5 liters for the use of 1 driver, 90% of the time running at average speed of 15 km/h in the urban conglomerates. But as Henry Ford said, "small cars make small profits".... The result of such technological advances is that in the last 50 years about 70% of all known petroleum resources have been burned: what nature created in 4 billion years, the ruling "economy" has been able to consume in 50 years! That is the real measure of the socio-economic system In-Efficiency. What we have chosen to define as progress is actually the reversal of four billion years of evolution. The money attractor and its growth imperative are calling us not forward to the future, but rather backward toward a distant past before the earth became vibrant with life. (see Cycle of Nature: The Natural Step)

Most north american citizens declare that they are concerned with the environment, even politicians and corporation managers have learned the rethoric of environmentalism, as long as it does not challenge the dogmas of 'sustainable growth', 'sustainable development', and other slogans of 'business as usual'. As a matter of fact, many have replaced the already oversized automobiles for still larger size and powerful personal trucks. Personal 'power' keeps growing this way, as symbol of personal status, probably trying to imitate the national and corporate power. This is the sort of factual 'ecologic' concern with the rest of humanity and the next millennium generations.  

Barry Commoner proposed to measure the environmental impact (I) as the result of multiplying three key factors: population (P), affluence (A), and technology (T), so that the environmental impact of any human society may be expressed as:

I = P x A x T

or in words,

total pollution = population x good per capita x pollution per unit good

A study of of United States statistics for the period after WWII indicates that for the period from 1950 to 1967 the population increased by 30 percent, the affluence (per capita consumption) increased by 5 percent. In the same period beer bottles manufactured increased by 593 percent as a result of the introduction of a throw away technology; pesticide use for crop production increased by 266 percent, phosphate emission from detergents replacing soap increased by 1,845 percent, NOx from car emissions increased by 628 percent ... these disproportionate increments are only explainable understanding that, from the above mentioned three multiplying factors, the technology factor is the most influential in the resulting increment in environmental pollution, as neither the growth of the population nor the affluence factor, even combined, could account for more than 40 percent in the environmental impact increase for the same period. The clear conclusion is that the post-war technologies were developed with the main purpose to maximize economic profit and to concentrate the economic power in new technological monopolies, without much concern for the environmental costs or the over all global social costs. It is also clear, that the environmental impact cannot be attributed chiefly to the increasing world population; therefore, the environmental problems will not be solved by simplistic "zero population growth of the others."  Although population growth is a serious environmental concern, such proposals tend to mask the reality of facts to protect specific economic interests and privileges. Remember that the environmental impact of an average inhabitant in USA is two times that of Sweeden, three times that of Italy, 13 times that of Brazil, 35 times that of India, 140 times that of Bangla Desh or Kenya, and 280 times that of Chad, Rwanda, Haiti or Nepal ... (Paul Ehrlich - The Population Explosion). For a bright philosophical thought on population consult the fragment text by John Stuart Mill in his "Principles of Political Economy" .

It is quite evident for any reasonable mind that these global techno-economic practices  may not last forever, not even for the next generation. Trying to ignore this issue or to postpone the undertaking of available solutions, is an escapism without issue. There is no place to escape from our planet different to the cemeteries. Of course, we can not solve this problematic remaining as isolated individuals. It is quite evident that we can not expect that the ruling economic and political business groups will spontaneously decide to behave as humanitarian philanthropists. Therefore the only way is to react and enforce a universal public opinion movement to act as an earth quake capable to collapse the insensitivity and blindness of those that today are in command of the ruling economy and government. Those that benefit today of the world economic established order, must know that sooner or later will be held responsible of their acts: ignorance or mistake will be not an acceptable excuse, the blind profit seeking dogma, even less.

Before the 1973 energy crisis, that behaviour could be justified on ignorance of the limits of resources and of the boundless consumption growth consequences, or because of the cold war confrontation. Now, 25 years have passed since that time when the world community acquired a basic ecological conscience of the limits and consequences of our energetic models, and 10 years have passed after the collapse of the Soviet Union threat, but everything continues "as usual": governments and organizations as EPA, DOE, G7, IMF, WB, OECD, UN, etc., are producing tons of reports and regulations aiming to reduce up to 10 % the emissions, but total emissions continue to grow in proportion to the continued increase of energy consumption. In the recent Kyoto summit (1997), the industrialised countries accepted to reduce by 5% in average the greenhouse gas emission, ... by year 2012 !!! as a result of the European Community pressure, but  USA the number 1 world emitter may still retract from such an 'audacious agreement' if the congress so decides. But more recently (2001), in a cynical denial attitude, the new elected USA president has rejected the signature of the treaty, by his country, the main world CO2 emmiter, arguing that it would affect unfavorably their business economy. How miserable conception of economics ! God save America .... God save us from this american (USA) nightmare !

The first world economic and politic power is quite audacious when it comes to engage in a war against some middle east or latin american country to protect or to overthrow some corrupted government, or to protect the world trade advantages for the big corporations, but not so when it has to show leadership in the overall interest of the planet and the human community. No question to any serious restructuring of the prevailing technological and economic model: the free market and the globalization will provide the solutions! No question to the 'legal' international arms manufacturing, proliferation and traffic, not even for the civilian devastating terrible antipersonal mines! No to any universally claimed treaty on biodiversity or transgenetic material trading! No question to the dismantling of the world largest arsenal of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons! No question regarding the irresponsible use of depleted uranium in their bomb shields that destroy not only their 'enemies', but threaten indefense children and future generations, and have even contaminated both US and NATO soldiers as well. No question as a matter of fact on any fundamental issue.

All this is a shame, but  no doubt, the GNP must continue to grow, business must continue as usual, or there will be crisis. Some corporations, producing automobiles and trading petroleum during the last decades, should be exploding from their accumulated economic gain, and it seems that they intend to keep this obsolete and harming-suicidal business until the last minute of the last day of the last year of petroleum availability, before reinvesting in the restructuring technological options: why loose money making investments that are not yet so profitable? 

... When ? ....

However there are signs that the GUP (Gross Useful Product) is not growing in USA but declining since 1970: this means that in the average, common people of the first economic world power are getting really poorer at the expense of some few privileged groups, not to mention the fate of the rest of the world population. But if you look at the Fortune 500 and Global 500 listings, you may find who is wining the world monopoly game: in the first 10 places of the ranking are the prosperous car manufacturers and the oil companies, richer than ever. If you look in the Global 500 World Corporation listing you will find that they sell for 10,245,341 million dollars accounting for 52% of the total world GDP, employing 34,515,400 people accounting for only 0.6% of the total world population: the number of controlling stockholders and CEO's may be estimated at 1,000 to 5,000 individuals, assuming 2 to10 per corporation: they constitute the plutocracy ruling the world economic empire. The combined wealth of the world's richest 200 people amounts to $ 1 trillion, which is more than the combined annual income of the world's poorest 3,000 million people. Meet some of them in the Forbes billionaires listing . If you list the first 100 world economies including countries and corporations, there appear only 49 countries; extending such list to 500 largest economies only 77 countries classify. If you look at the 500 Global corporation profits, you will find that they distributed aprox 32% of income between shareholders and left in average a ridiculous 3% profit available for tax payment ! This is an outstanding generosity gesture, if you consider that accountants could have easily reduced the 3% figure to 1% or to 0.1% if they wanted. As a matter of fact, many corporation, some in the non renewable energy sector, arrange to receive government subsidies instead of paying any effective taxes.

The world countries economic performance and maldistribution may be observed at our World GDP tabulation. To resume, just know that richest countries with 10% of the world population account for 60% of world GDP, 20% world rich population  (WRP) account 84% of world GDP and 30% of WRP account for 90% of the world GDP, which means that the not rich 70% of the world population receives only 10% of the total world GDP. These figures provide some indication on the catastrophic magnitude of concentration and maldistribution of wealth in the world economy. As a matter of fact the calculated world income Maldistribution amounts to 185%, which corresponds to an economic performance Quality of 22.5%; therefore, overall quality of life could be 5 times better with the same amount of resources, should they be properly distributed (imagine the economies in security expenses, weapons manufacturing, global social conflicts, etc) . Such a gigantic gap in wealth distribution is shocking in terms of elemental intra-species solidarity principles. What is even worse, is that the process of wealth concentration and income maldistribution is constantly growing, as consequence of the actual world economic system. You don't have to be Nostradamus to understand that such a situation is explosive, therefore unsustainable.

Many things should be done and fast to start correcting the world economy and the world energetic technology (see also World Energy Projections). One measure that would combine the requirements of a sane ecology in a sane economy would be a world GDP taxation system to globally redistribute income between countries and a CO2 emissions tax to penalize non renewable fossil fuel consumption and stimulate the transition to a sustainable Solar Energy economy. Regarding the GDP tax, this would produce good effects reducing the level of overconsumption in the richer countries, the same as the reduction of overfeeding is a good therapy for people suffering from obesity. A reasonable GDP tax of say 12% average payable by the 20% richest population countries would represent a 100% average income increase for the poorest 70% world population.  Imagine the overall economic benefit revamping the depressed economy of the 4,000 million poor people, who could access to a more decent nutrition, health services, and education; but also the benefit for the 500 million rich population in the developed countries would reduce substantially the chronic unemployment, with the huge increase in demand of basic products and services from the poor population of the world.  Would not such simple common sense measures be a real and intelligent economic action, a win-win game? Where are the world 'economists' in regards  to the evaluation of similar proposals? What dark forces are opposing to such possibilities?

A similar world redistribution tax on multinational corporations business income would improve further the world economy, providing the required funding to help the employment casualties produced by the international corporations business rearrangements.

Would not such magnificent gestures be dignifying our extraviated human condition? After all, the planet and its resources are not a private property of any country and less of any corporation: it is the common habitat legacy for all the living species, human population included.

Of course, politicians elected with the help and dollars of local and multinational mafias and corporations, have interest to maintain their privileges to make last the game, and justify the status quo policies protecting some corporations interests, hiding the reality from people for as long as possible. Who will profit in the short run ? who cares for mankind? may that last? who will profit in the long run? is capitalism sustainable?

Just for fun, go to our link on stupidity and then try to rank your favorite corporations, political parties, government agencies, even your friends, your competitors, or yourself, to see how they classify in the basic categories Intelligent (+,+), Hapless (-,+), Bandit (+,-), Stupid(-,-). You will reach your own conclusions.

Of course we have also to assume our responsibility as human beings, as individuals, and as citizens, if we wish to emancipate from the BBM (bigger, better, more) cultural indoctrination model of the present ruling social-political ideologies, in a culture in which much is good, more is better, and too much may not be enough. Without such personal exorcism, there is no hope that our predicament dilemmas will be solved even by angelical leaders or presidents, if they existed.  

If there is to be a worthwhile future for human species, it should be based more on the intelligent and efficient use of information and culture, than in the inefficient and egoistic use of matter, money and energy. Let's wake up, open our imagination, use our brain, find a real meaning to our life, create a huge information movement to unmask the "invisible hand" behind the ruling economic system, and liberate from the actual pseudo-democracy (one dollar, one vote). And remember Murphy: left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse !

All human society is confronted today to a great and unprecedent crisis, that requires a colossal conceptual synthesis, capable to unite our heliocentric view: --no sun, no life--, to our geocentric view: --no biosphere, no life--, to our anthropocentric view: --no equitable use and sharing of resources and knowledge, no possible sustainable cultural and social life--, to egocentric view: --no cultural social life, no meaningful personal life. This kind of generalized consciousness is the real challenge for all of us today and for the next generation to follow. Of course, this necessary change is subversive to the interest and practice of the political and economic ideologies in power, and to our personal comfort routine. The choice is ours: the life, or, the money?  

The Global Warming Issue: Some Historic Factual Records and Projection in the Future

Integrated CO2 and Temperature Information

see more details in CO2HIST

In this page we present all known records on atmospheric CO2 and temperature based on the Vostok Antarctic Ice Core analysis as well as the recent CO2 atmospheric CO2 records taken at Mauna Loa, Hawaii. Based on such record evidence we have prepared an extrapolation of CO2 atmospheric concentration and expected global temperature increase for a short time period from now to year 2030. In such short period there are no such factors as variations in solar radiation or other long range cosmological effects to be accounted for. What is not known exactly yet, is what atmospheric temperature increase will be necessary to produce a total melting of the polar ice. A guess value that 4 oC or 6 oC will cause that melting is still a matter of discussion, but that may happen by year 2020 or 2025 at the present 2% rate of increase of CO2 emmisions. In the case that there is no further yearly increase, assuming that 1995 emmision level are maintained constant from now on, the 4 oC temperature increase will be achieved in year 2030.  

The other still unknown fact is what will be the effect of temperature increase in the intensity of storms, hurricanes, floodings, changes in insect populations, extinctions of forest areas, etc, just to mention some of the possible foreseeable phenomena related with planet temperature changes. Some conservative estimates indicate that loss in property caused by atmospheric disasters have reached figures in the dozens of billions of dollars per year in the last short time period from 1998 and later, and that those losses are all time historic records. The forecast of such calamities is grim for the next years to come, and unfortunately with the actual politics of ignoring the problem and avoiding even such minimal commitments as the Kyoto protocol, things will go from bad to worse as predicted by Murphy's laws. That is the price to maintain business as usual, and denial policies, that mainstream politicians and mass communication media are decided to favor. These self interested procrastinators are to be held responsible for all increments of disaster to come, and lets hope that at some moment some tribunal will balance their profits against the collateral damages suffered by others worldwide.

Here you may see the close correlation between CO2 and Temperature variation in planet history.  You may find that recent CO2 concentration level of 375 ppm  is much higher than any value in the previous 450,000 years, and that the rate of increase of CO2 with time is about 100 times higher than any other rate of increase in the recorded history. The greenhouse effect and the related global warming issue is a well known scientific fact established a century ago by Arrhenius, but today many 'respected' scientists in the payroll of political bureaucracies and multinational business organisation, are engaging in byzantine discussion on minor technicalities, confusing and misinforming the public opinion, asking another century of further 'scientific' and academic studies to be completely sure before any meaningful corrective action is to be taken.   

Now see in the graphs below what is the predicted future scenarios for various possible options. You should be able to draw by now your own conclusions, and if you do, you should be capable to raise your voice for the political conduction of our home planet, as the present world leaders are failing miserably in their task. They have decided now that the prioritary task is terrorism, and are compromising all the economic accumulated resources to increase the military expenses, as preparing to solve the world excesive population problem by military means when that becomes a convenient political time. USA military budget has been revamped to a level of 350,000 million dollars exceeding by far the expense level at the worst time of the cold war confrontation. According to UN estimates with a budget of some 25,000 million dollars per year it would be possible to cure the world famine, and fund programs for child health care, family planning, and basic education needs for the poorest population worldwide. But that is too expensive of course for the economic policy brokers in the richest counties.  The powerful are generous when it comes to spend in bombing, but ask for others to pay for reconstruction help or aid for the 'collateral damages' of their actions. The hegemonic power has corrupted any residual decency, any moral and ethical responsibility, replacing those values by share greed seeking its maximum efficiency and profit. All the economic power and high technology are useless if not focused primarily for the achievement of most basic human and ecological needs.

If you understand the predicament to which we all tripulants of the planet earth are confronted, and if you want to do something about, I suggest that you send this information to all the people you may reach, members of your family, of your community, your company, your club, and your friends. The technology to achieve the transmission of messages is at your disposal: the internet. Others are using that same technology massively everyday to send us all kind of unsolicited junk, easy money offers, or pornography. It is time that all decent people around the world start also using technological means for communication useful purpose. So please do something before the available time to act runs out.


Calculated Atmospheric Temperature Rise for several Scenarios Period 2000-2030

CO2 ARE% - CO2 Annual Rise in Emmisions


Calculated Atmospheric CO2 concentrations for several Scenarios Period 2000-2030

CO2 ARE% - CO2 Annual Rise in Emmisions


NASA Computer Model Provides a New Portrait of Carbon Dioxide

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LATEST NEWS: Finally the Kyoto protocol has been approved by 140 world nations, and therefore starts from 16 February 2005, despite that India and China have not yet signed in, and USA the world greatest CO2 emission polluter, is becoming the Jurassic&Fossil States of America, continuing to avoid its world resposibilities.

A New Marshall Plan? Advancing Human Security and Controlling Terrorism by Dick Bell & Michael Renner - Worldwatch Institute

The Algebra of Infinite Justice by Arundhat Roy

Sauver la Planete  Adieu libertés  Vassalité  De la guerre perpetuelle  Néo-Impérialisme  Mensonges d'Etat Surveillance Totale Bush II by Ignacio Ramonet

Our Time to Choose  by David Korten

Enron's  Impact on Renewable Energy and the Environment  by  Gary  Gallon

Environmental Performance Index

Wikipedia: Global Warming

The Terrorist in the Mirror, by N. Chomsky

Visit the Chomsky Library

Chomsky Library

Stern Report: Press Review, October 2006 Stern Review on the economics of climate change

ExxonMobil paid to mislead public

Barack Obama: Campaign Speech

L'esprit du terrorisme, par Jean Baudrillard

The Spirit of Terrorism: And Requiem for the Twin Towers

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John J. Mearsheimer, Stephen M. Walt

Wikipedia article: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

The end of the neocons?

SOS for Paletinian People !!! The Politics of An Israeli Extermination Campaign: Backers, Apologists and Arms Suppliers , by James Petras

Wikipedia article: Bernard Madoff

Bernard Madoff: Wall Street Swindler Strikes Powerful Blows for Social Justice

An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It By Al Gore

A courageous US scientist speaks out on climate change danger and the responsibility of US

The 2007 International Privacy Ranking

Natural Resources are Fuelling a New Cold War

How Google Earth Is Changing Science

The Story of Stuff

The World's 10 Largest Renewable Energy Projects - Scientific American Slide Show

Interview with Dennis Meadows

Obama Nobel Speech in Oslo 2009

China surpasses US as world's top energy consumer

Schellnhuber on Climate Change (Interview for Spiegel)

Is the American Dream Over?

Capital's war against WikiLeaks

Blue Petroleum

George Carlin: The American Dream

Zizek Text on Ecology

Zizek Text on Ecology part 2

Zizek: Ecology Video part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6 part7


Zizek published Books

Mikhail Bakunin

Global Trends 2030


The Deeper Meaning of Mass Spying in America

PRISM (US NSA surveillance program)

U.S. assures Russia Snowden won't be executed or tortured

USA-NSA Internet Global Spying with XKeyscore

The Digital Arms Race: NSA Preps America for Future Battle

George Galloway HEATED Speech British Parliament Debate On Military Action Against Syria. 8/29/2013

US in bed with Al-Qaeda: George Galloway

Israel and the NSA Scandal

Guardian Report - NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel

see more Informationclearinghouse


Carbon dioxide passes symbolic mark: CO2 > 400 ppm

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